About Rod Christian

Rod Christian has successfully taught in three major schools in Perth, Western Australia as Head of Music and also Head of the Arts. He has written and recorded numerous songs, jingles and music for television documentaries. He has also musically directed many school and professional productions throughout Australia.

He is now retired from teaching and these days he is Director of his Production Company, Rodmusic Productions in Sorrento and concentrates on composition for film and television, as well as songs from pop/rock and jazz genres. Rod also composes large and small choral arrangements and settings for orchestra. He is currently writing his second major musical based on his parents’ life during World War Two in Perth Western Australia and abroad in the Middle East and New Guinea, composing a major symphonic/choral work in three movements. Rod is also co-writing a musical about the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956 titled “Shambolic’! Rod has just published a large composition “ULURU for orchestra and Choir” which is represented by The Australian Music Centre here:

AMC website

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