Karri Valley / Margaret River Suite

Voyager Margaret RiverI am working on a piece called the Karri Valley/Margaret River Suite which I started way back in 1990. This was inspired by a number of visits to these places including wineries such as Voyage (see picture),and my impressions musically of certain landmarks (Karri Forest Pemberton WA).The second movement of six movements is scored for piano, strings and oboe. The genre is contemporary Jazz and the influences are from my rock/jazz days as a performer on guitar, bass, piano/keyboards and percussion. The medium I use for the sequenced backing is Logic Pro X as well as live performers, namely Roger Garrood, Paul Millard and Mike Collinson to name a few. Featured is the Second Movement titled “Tranquillo” which reflects the tranquility and beauty of the Karri Valley near Pemberton Western Australia.

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Songwriting and Publishing

Rod Christian

I compose music from a variety of genres including pop, r&b, rock, jazz, contemporary, dance, classical, film, documentaries and commercials. There are two main sites where you can log in and hear my music here:


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Search Reverbnation artist – Rod Christian. I publish songs under my own label Yendor Music and also through my Australian publisher Middle C Associates in Geelong, Victoria. Contact me direct through this website or on Facebook.


Music for Film

In my recording studio Hotel Sorrento.

In my recording studio Hotel Sorrento.

I am currently writing/producing/ recording/ maketing my songs and pitching them to major movie and advertising clients all over the world.
At present two of my songs, “Just In Time” and “Tranquillo”, an instrumental composition for oboe, piano and strings are being considered for an advertising campaign and a major motion picture in the US.”Just In Time” has just been selected by WOA records on thier No 1 hits CD Volume 4 which will be distributed to radio networks and played all over the world.
These compositions can be heard on my reverbnation website here. reverbnation website


People from all walks of life suffer from depression or “the black dog”. I wanted to write a song that says “you just swing those blues away” by listening to music or performing music, whether it be singing in a choir  or just simply singing or playing away your blues. Music is a very powerful tool and I hope this song helps those who find peace in music. The Performer is a good friend, Lotti Lothian who performs this song on her own album recorded at Hotel Sorrento titled “Feel The Music”

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