ANZAC DAY 2020 Virtual Choir Tribute

This is the page where you can access the Virtual Choir link to my Anzac Day Tribute 2020

This is a tribute to my parents on Anzac Day 2020. I formed a “Virtual Choir” to perform two of the songs from MATES and then collated each person’s contribution on video to present this tribute which is released here on Anzac Day 2020. I would like to thank all who contributed to this project.

Access the video here:

This goes live on Anzac Day, Saturday 25 April 2020

I would like to thank all of the singers and artists who took part, contributing all their videos and singing their hearts out. The result is overwhelming. These people are all listed below.



Gloria McQuillan   Heather Ryan    Amber Reid   Chelsea Gibson    Mim Meakin                       Shirley Lizza   Briony Barratt    Elizabeth Boothman   Jenny Vivian   Sue Lake   Bev Thornton  Susan Yong   Katherine Freind  Katrina de Felice


Katie McMahon Melissa Gall   Deb Rimmer   Hayley Martin   Sarah White   


Perry Joyce    Glenda Prideaux   Luke Joslin   Justin Freind   Pat O’Connell  Trevor Gibson   Josh White  Greg Spehr Jacynth Cox Trevor Gibson


Hugh Robertson   Ed Hartley   Kevin Holloway   John Ariaans   Ray Parr                                  Greg Rimmer   Kim Shearman   Peter Hurst    

TRUMPET  The Last Post and Reveille   

Betty Young