Hotel Sorrento Recording Studio


Mike Collinson at work in the studio.

Mike Collinson at work in the studio.

Jenny Wrenn and Kelly GreenIMG_3215



Jenny Wrenn- Nelson and Kelly Green





Dennis Bird directing a recording.





Rod’s personal studio, Hotel Sorrento, has been used by some top recording artists including Courtney Murphy, Australian Idol Finalist and Lead role as Rory Storm in Cruisin’ The Musical, Russell Perkins, solo guitar with orchestral arrangements, Mark McEntee from Divinyls who edited and mixed a soundtrack for Wheels and Doll Baby Fashions.

Daniel and Luke Riches

Cliff Lynton  performed on the soundtrack for a documentary, “Tractors Across Australia” which was composed and arranged by Rod, to name a few.

Mike Nelson

Mike Nelson

imageLuke and Daniel Riches with Rod.


Rod can arrange and compose music for most combinations of instruments on Sibelius and composed and used this to arrange the entire soundtrack of his musical “Cruisin'” at Hotel Sorrento.

The studio caters for re-mixes, edits, songwriters and arrangers who wish to learn more about the art of recording, editing and mixing as well as those who just want to get a great sound for demos or commercial releases.



Purple Haze Boys


Rod has added a new dimension to the production side of things called “Create Your Song”. This allows clients to write their own lyrics and/or song and have it professionally arranged and recorded by well known artists including Courtney and Chris Murphy. The CD is then mastered and given to each patron as a gift at weddings, 21st birthdays, funerals or any important occasion.



The Purple Haze Boys.



Various artists and musicians are invited to record vocals,backup vocals or to add instruments to Rod’s recordings. These include Courtney Murphy, Cliff Lynton, Paul Millard, Mike Nelson, Danni Stefanetti, Barry Gee, Mark Underwood, George Janicki, Purple Haze, Mike Collinson, James Flynn, Peter Harries, Kelly Green, Jenny Wrenn Nelson, Dennis Bird, Daniel and Luke Riches, Candice, Nigel Shaw, Garry Baverstock, Russell Perkins, Lotti Lothian, Choirs and Vocal Ensembles and co-composers of many musical genres.

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Courtney Murphy




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