Songwriting and Music Publishing

I compose music from a variety of genres including pop, r&b, rock, jazz, contemporary, dance, classical, film, documentaries and commercials. There are two main sites where you can log in and hear my music here:

Reverbnation website

I publish songs under my own label Yendor Music and also through my Australian publisher Middle C Associates

Middle C Associates website

This is my latest video of a song I composed in 2016, “Portrait Of You” featuring Danni Stefanetti on vocals, Paul Millard on sax and myself on piano.

Contact me direct through this website or on Facebook.


1 thought on “Songwriting and Music Publishing

  1. Hell Rod

    I am a locally based song writer and keen to investigate the opportunity of collaborating with you on song writing projects. Can we discuss this?

    Patrick McMurray

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