The Haze Rock ‘n Roll Showband

In action NYE

The Haze 2019

Formerly Purple Haze, “The Haze Rock ‘n Roll Band is a diverse group of talented musicians delivering a wide range of musical styles from the jazz era through the rock ‘ n roll era and into the seventies and eighties. The entire four piece band sing and play a variety of instruments. Greg “Bazz” Clarke is a lead vocalist/ saxophonist/ trumpeter/guitarist and back-up vocalist. Bazz has performed in numerous well- known bands in Perth including the original Purple Haze and Rock ‘n Roll Showband. Robbie Jones, a competent vocalist and guitarist plays lead guitar in the band. Robbie’s experience goes way back to bands like The Rock ‘n Roll Showband and many other jazz and contemporary ensembles. Nigel “Nige” Ridgway is a very experienced jazz and rock drummer. Rod  and Nige were original members of The Blue Brass at the Nanking Restaurant in Belmont in the late sixties. Nige has performed in many bands since including Purple Haze, Rock ‘ n Roll Showband and a variety of jazz bands. Nige sings lead  and back-up vocals with Haze. Rod Christian completes the four piece ensemble.  Rod sings lead and back-up vocals and plays bass in this band. Rod also plays guitar/ keyboards/ drums in a variety of ensembles around Perth. He also writes and composes music for musicals, film and documentaries  and choirs and orchestral music.

The Haze performs at dance venues, hotels, cabarets, corporate events and private shows. Their perfect mix of vocal harmonies has earned them an outstanding following at venues around Perth and in the country.  The variety of music and the instruments they play is unique. Haze has recently performed at stand alone concerts featuring the versatility and ability to entertain with the great songs of the golden era. Please contact Rod on the contact page on this website or e mail Rod direct or mobile 0411441044 for further details.

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This is a performance of an original song composed by Rod Christian in 2015, Thank God It’s Friday. This is an anthem to all workers and people who look forward to Friday and, ultimately the weekend. The band performing the song is popular Perth dance band The Haze Rock ‘n Roll Showband with Nigel Ridgway on drums, Greg “Bazz” Clarke on saxes, trumpet, guitar and vocals, Robbie Jones on guitars, harmonica and vocals and Rod Christian bass, guitar, piano and vocals.

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